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Wedding Lingerie - Sexy Is What Sexy Wears!

OK, let's talk about the fun wedding lingerie to be exact.
If you're like most brides, you probably want to look just as tempting inside the wedding gown as you do on the outside.
Well, what's stopping you? Let's check out some yummy options for the sexiest bridal lingerie.
Even though your groom might be the only one who'll ever get to see you in it, just knowing that you are wearing sexy wedding lingerie beneath those layers of satin and tulle will make you feel like you have a little secret that can only be shared with him.
Just how do you choose the best wedding lingerie? Keep these simple tips in mind:
It's important to consider your shape and choose the style that suits you the best. If you're a full figured bride, then go all out for plus size lingerie that will show off your sexy curves the best.
If you're a pregnant bride, don't worry. There are tons of sexy and erotic maternity lingerie to choose from as well. A sexy satin camisole is great for a pregnant or full figured bride as it will cover the tummy area but show off the bust.
It's easy to select super sexy lingerie, but the truth is that the shape of your dress is what should determine the style of your undines. For the perfect fit, begin with getting measured and fitted professionally for a bra.
Wearing the wrong bra can make you look inches heavier or shaggier than you really are. It's important to choose the right bra.
Deciding to wear pantyhose really depends on the kind of shoes you'll be wearing. But, pantyhose are so boring! Why not wear a sexy garter belt with stockings for the same effect yet much sexier!
You'll also need some sexy wedding night lingerie for your first night together as husband and wife. Give him something to drool over.
A sheer see through teddy, lace up corset and garter set or sexy nightgown will undoubtedly get the temperature to soar. Just choose something you feel sexy and com comfortable in.
Wedding lingerie is often white or ivory, but don't limit yourself to just that. Why not try something in hot red or sultry black to keep it spicy.
My last bit of advice; a white strapless corset or a bustier is almost essential underneath your wedding gown. You may also need a girdle for shape if you are a plus size bride.
So, Baby dolls, camisoles with panties and bras, whatever you choose to wear, make sure they are COM comfortable! You'll be wearing them all day long.
And be sure to have some fun with your selections! Cindy Grigsby is the owner of 4461345 affordable-bridal-gowns affordable-bridal-gowns . For some great tips on finding the best bridal lingerie, bridal bras and wedding night lingerie, visit 4461345 affordable-bridal-gowns bridal-lingerie. affordable-bridal-gowns bridal-lingerie

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