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The Hottest Women's Bathing Suits for 2009

The Hottest Women's Bathing Suits for 2009

Every woman wants to look great in a sexy bathing suit. That's why when buying a women's swimsuit, a 2009 swim wear style that fits your body type is extremely important and will make all the difference in how you look and feel. For instance, the Miss America Swimsuit is very nice for some, but it won't look good on women with figure flaws. And despite what you've heard, the old saying about dark colors making you look slimmer is not always true. If the design of your new bathing suit and the fit are right for your body type, then you can add in pretty prints and bold colors. The right style combined with fashion colors make for slimming sexy swim wear. If you plan to buy a women's bathing suit online, it is important to know what type of women's swimsuits will be slimming and flatter your figure type. Perhaps you need a plus size bathing suit. Or if you're not a plus size woman, you may be tempted to buy Venus swim wear, sexy swim wear, or Brazilian bikini swim wear. Don't even consider thong swim wear. Very few women can pull that off! So before you go online to shop for your 2009 swim wear, here are a few suggestions for some wonderful new 2009 Swim wear styles that are designed to be very flattering and shaping. * The Wrap Tank Swimsuit - this is a flattering tank designed to trim any figure. It has a nylon/lycra blend that offers more control than regular swim wear. The crossover style minimizes a larger bust line. * The Shirred Tank - This is your standard one piece swim suit designed to trim any figure by draping to conceal and camouflage. * The Sarong Swimsuit - an instant slimming sarong-style suit with low cut leg openings for full coverage of the front and back. * The Swim Dress - A sundress style which offers coverage plus the comfort of the tank suit. The slimming A-line won't balloon out. * Empire Side-shirred Tank - Has a halter neckline with adjustable side closure and slimming slide shirring. * Surplus Swim Dress - Creates curves while giving full coverage. Has an A-line skirt and tummy control. * The Skirtini - A skirted tankini with the coverage of a regular suit. You can't go wrong with one of these swim wear styles for 2009. When purchasing your swim suit, keep these tips in mind: * Soft shirring will help to conceal stomach bulges. * If you have a large bust, make sure the straps are strong enough to hold you. * Wraps and Surplice tops will give support and look great. * Waist flattering tankinis and swim dresses have a very slimming effect when they are not too tight. * If you are a plus size woman, you may want to stay away from horizontal stripes and loud prints. If you keep these suggestions in mind, you should have a very successful shopping experience when you set out to buy your swim wear online. This season, put away those black, white and brown suits and indulge in some of the hottest new colors of summer. Don't be shy, step out of the box a little and have fun in blue, pink, red, yellow, purple, orange and green! Bright colored solids are not the only hottest trend this summer, bright colored prints are even hotter. See all the hottest women's bathing suits for 2009 at womens-bathingsuits womens-bathingsuits

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