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Golden Boy Chapter One

By cRaZy - Feb 14, 2006 - From incest_taboo Incest and Taboo 11950
I was every parents dream. Im not trying to sound conceited or anything, but it was true. All my life I had straight As in school, was well behaved, and managed to get into a prestige university as well. I was going for Business.
My father was police officer and you see him being a policeman; he always got invited to many parties and social gatherings. I know this may not seem like anything important, but it is. It was at one of my fathers parties, that I met Doreen. She was a hot and I do mean hot older woman. She was tall, slim and had long blonde hair and amazing green eyes. I was only 18 when I met her and shy. I had always been shy around lovely women, so you can imagine how I reacted when she talked to me. She was very flirty and forward. By the time I knew it, we were banging in hotel rooms, in my car, on the beach, and anywhere else we could fuck.
Yes she was perfect, but not quite. You see, Doreen was my fathers boss wife! She was 42 and such a hot fuck! She always told me that her husband bored her and that she needed to get away from all that. I was, or at least I thought I was falling in love with her. See everything took a sudden turn that one last summer before my last year in college.
I was 21 and had come home for the summer as I usually did to visit my parents and of course run off to see Doreen. We usually tried to sneak off to private areas hoping no one would ever catch us. It was kind of exciting knowing that fact that I was fucking a woman, who was not only married, but my fathers boss wife as well. The thought of getting caught was thrilling and fearful at the same time. I was playing with fire that was for sure.
When I got home that summer it was just my parents and I since my younger sister Tara, had gone off to cheerleading camp. She had just graduated high school but was off to help train the new cheerleaders. It was nice to be home and have home cooked meals and be able to relax for once. I didnt have to worry about money either, since Doreen was the one who bought everything for me. Yes I had it made.
My parents were happy for me, since I had managed to keep my straight As all through college. My father even bought me a brand new truck for my 21st birthday because I made him proud. Deep down I knew if he ever found out about Doreen and I, he would lose all faith and trust in me. I couldnt let my old man down.
I still kept seeing Doreen, event though I knew it was wrong, but I couldnt resist her womanly charms and sexy body. She gave the best oral sex ever! I guess you could say I as attached to her since she had been my first sex as well. At school many girls had asked me out, but I was so infatuated with Doreen, that I didnt give any girls the time of day.
Everything was going as usual that is until Tara came home from cheerleading camp. I still remembered how she used to hate me because I was such a good boy. Tara wasnt a troublemaker or anything; she was just a bit wild. She loved to party and have fun. She wasnt exactly college material, but she always knew where the good times were.
Tara came home one evening when my parents and I were having dinner. She walked in humming still dressed in her cheerleader uniform. She carried a big duffle bag and dropped it on the floor as soon as she saw me. Her long brown hair was up in a ponytail and her blue eyes glowed.
Well, well, if it isnt mommy and daddys golden boy, she said sarcastically.
Tara be nice now and come greet your brother, my mother said.
Tara smiled devilishly and slowly walked over to me. I stood up and gave her a smile. Well its good to see you too sis.
She put her arms around me and gave me a pretty tight squeeze. Then she softly kissed my cheek not once or twice, but three times. Actually now that I think about it, it didnt feel like a normal brother and sister kiss; it was more like a soft seductive kiss. She kept her arms around me for a bit longer and left me wondering how much longer she was going to hold me. She felt so petite and I almost had forgotten how short she was.
Ahem! My father said clearing his throat.
I felt her loosen her hold and her pretty face was red. Sorry its just I dont get to see Aidan every day.
Well now sit down and join us for dinner, I said quietly.
She smiled at me and nodded. I cant. Ive got a date in about an hour.
My mom scoffed. Young lady you just got home. How in the world can you already have a date?
Mom, I met him at the camp. Actually he was at the helping out at football camp right across from the cheerleader camp. His name is Paul Timmons. Hes 19 and a film major. He is a total hottie!
My dad looked at her sternly. Tara, you need to spend more time with your brother instead of running around with all these guys.
Tara frowned. Daddy! Im not running around. Hes just a friend thats all.
Im sure hes just a friend, I replied sarcastically.
She nudged me. Ok whatever Mr. Innocent. Ive gotta go shower. With that, she went upstairs.
I really want to see you tonight, Doreen whispered, as we talked on the phone later on that evening.
I lay on my bed twirling the phone cord on my fingers. Her voice was so sensual and she always managed to make my dick hard even just by talking to me on the phone. She and I had many phone sex sessions while I was away at school.
I want to see you too baby. Did you want to meet me somewhere?
She stayed silent for a few seconds. Lets meet down by the lovers cove, she finally said.
The lovers cove was just a really nice little spot down by the beach where many people went to fuck. Especially forbidden lovers.
Are you sure you want to go there. I mean what if we see someone we know?
She giggled. What is wrong? Not in the mood for a risk?
I blushed. You know I love taking risks with you. That is what turns me on so much!
Well then meet me tonight around midnight? My husband is working the night shift tonight.
I sighed. Oh alright. You know you have complete control over me.
Mmmm yes. I love being in control of you. God I cant wait to suck you off. Oh Aidan I am so hot right now!
My heart was racing and I couldnt wait to be with this sexy woman.
Youre hard already! Oh fuck yes! Doreen cooed as we made out in my truck. The back seat of my truck had plenty of space for some good fucking. Her hand was rubbing my cock up and down violently over my jeans.
You ready to suck on this cock? I rasped looking at her gorgeous face. She nodded and slowly made her way down. I felt my pants come undone. I saw her run her tongue on her luscious red lips as she pulled my cock out of my jeans.
I was hard as a rock and throbbing. I couldnt wait to shoot my load in Doreens mouth and watch her swallow it. That part really got me hot. She had my cock out now and slowly slid it in her mouth. I groaned immediately just feeling her mouth engulf my cock. I ran my fingers through her hair and enjoyed my cock being sucked. Her lips glided up and down my cock making my toes curl.
Hmmggh yeah! Suck it baby keep sucking me! I groaned.
The windows of my truck were starting to get fogged up and I was breaking a sweat. I reached over to roll down my window to let some air in. The cool breeze quickly entered but I still felt so hot. I was trying not to moan too loudly since I knew others might hear me. I grabbed on to Doreens hair gripping it tightly, and knowing I would be blowing my load soon.
Outside, I could hear some giggling, which sounded a bit familiar. I didnt want to concentrate on that now. I just wanted to shoot my cum in Doreens mouth. I felt my blood rushing and I felt my body tighten up. I was going to cum! It was going to be such a hard cum!
Arrghhh Doreen Im cumming. Swallow it baby oh fuck! I felt my first shot of sperm shoot out hard into Doreens mouth. I kept moaning and grunting, not being able to hold in my sounds of pleasure. I had my eyes closed but a bright little light made me open them up my heart was pounding thinking it might be a cop, who knew my dad and Doreen. But when I opened my eyes, there was Tara, with a video camera.
I had just finished shooting my last drops of cum when I saw her standing there video taping me getting my cock sucked. Doreen quickly took my cock out of her mouth and tried to hide her face.
Tara! What the hell? I yelled out struggling to pull my pants back up.
She giggled and continued to film. Oh boy you are in trouble!
Doreen kept her face hidden but Tara already knew who she was. Good evening Mrs. Davis.
Doreen didnt say anything. I felt my heart sink. Tara please stop filming! I said nervously.
She turned off the camera and looked at me wickedly. I had no idea you were such a bad boy Aidan. I knew you werent perfect. Just wait until Mom and Dad find out about this.
Tara, come on. Please dont say anything. Look it was just a one time thing, I said lying.
She laughed. One time thing? Yeah right. I knew you were fucking Mrs. Davis. I just wanted proof to bring you down. Finally Mom and Dad will stop telling me what a good role model you are.
She poked her head inside of my truck to look at Doreen who was still trying to hide her face. Mrs. Davis? Dont you think the chief would want to see this tape too?
Doreen finally looked at my sister. You ought to be ashamed of yourself trying to get your brother in trouble and not minding your business.
Tara laughed hysterically. Me? Be ashamed? Yeah right! What about you? Youre a married woman messing around with my brother? Oh Im sure the chief would like to see what youve been doing while hes at work!
Tara thats enough. Please just pretend you didnt see anything, I pleaded.
Tara just walked away and I knew I was in deep shit. Doreen began to whimper and I just put my arms around her to comfort her.
God I hope she doesnt tell my husband! Oh I hope she doesnt say anything to anyone! Doreen cried.
If she does then Im willing to tell everyone how much I love you.
She looked up at me and touched my face. Oh Aidan, I love you too, but you know we cant be together.
Why not? I asked sternly.
Well, because Im already married. I mean I love being with you but its different. Its all complicated.
I felt as if I had been punched in the stomach. What are you saying? That Im just a toy for you?
Her green eyes widened. No! Im just saying that what I have going on with you is something special and sacred. But my husband needs me. Youre just too young to understand any of this.
Yeah. I guess I am.
I felt my heartbreak and Doreen got out of my truck and left in her car. I felt as if I wanted to cry but at the same time I was furious with Tara for having ruined the most wonderful relationship I had ever had.
I got home later on that night and as soon as I turned on my bedroom light, Tara was sitting on my bed smiling.
Havent you cause me enough agony for the night? I asked angrily.
She stood up and walked around me in circles. Now, listen. Tonight, I was hanging out with Paul and noticed he had a video camera. I wanted him to film me and him fucking but he was so too stoned. I asked him to let me borrow it and he did. I walked outside hoping to catch some hot couple in the midst of fucking, but instead what did I see? I saw your truck and I was hoping to maybe just catch you fucking some college slut but oh my, I saw my own brother, who I thought was a decent person, fucking my fathers boss wife!
I gulped. Look, I already told you that it was a one time thing. Cant you just let it go? Or do you hate me that much that you would tell Mom and Dad?
She stood in front of me. She was short and very petite. I could never thought someone so fragile looking could have so much power over me. I dont hate you Aidan. Youre my brother. I just care for you. How could you get involved with someone who was married?
Shh keep your voice down! I warned. Mom and Dad are asleep.
Ah they are heavy sleepers anyway. Now back to what you did. Aidan dont you know that you being with this woman can cause Dad his job? Are you that selfish that you dont think about Dad?
I nodded. No I did think about him. I wanted to stop seeing Doreen, but I just couldnt.
Ah ha! So you have been seeing her for a while now. I knew it!
I felt stupid for having given myself away. Yeah so what? Tara what exactly do you want from me?
She took a deep breath. Well, there are a lot of things I want from you.
Well? Are you going to make me guess?
She moved closer to me, tiptoeing and put her arms around my neck. Her body pressed up against mine. No. Im going to be straight forward and tell you exactly what I want.
I waited for her answer.
She ran one of her fingers on my lips. I want you to become my own personal sex toy.
I almost choked and pushed her away. What? You want what?
She giggled. You heard me.
Are you crazy? Now that is sick Tara. Just sick.
She shrugged. Ok then, Im going to go wake up Dad right now so he can see the tape and then Im going to show it to Chief Davis.
She began to walk out my room with determination and I grabbed her arm. Wait!
Her blue eyes danced as she looked up at me. Well then are you willing to be my sex toy?
Tara why a sex toy? Im your brother for crying out loud! Look Ill clean your room, or wash your car but dont do make me do something degrading and humiliating, not to mention sick like being your sex slave.
Whats so sick about that bro? Im going to be honest with you. Growing up, yes I hated the fact that you always were Mom and Dads perfect child, but somewhere down the line, I think I started to feel really attracted to you.
I blinked and couldnt believe what my sister was saying to me. It was incest! Oh God it was wrong, immoral and sick, sick, sick!
You need some professional help Tara, I said rudely.
She scoffed. Whats wrong with that bro? I mean most guys would like their sisters to be attracted to them.
Well not me. Thats gross Tara.
She put her arms around me again and I just looked away. Aidan you are a hottie. I have to just tell you that.
Tara look, just consider what youre asking for. Its so wrong! Now please Ill do anything but that.
No, no, no. I want you as my sex slave or else you know what Ill do.
I knew I had no choice but to give in. Fine, but how long does this have to go on?
As long as I want bro. Im in control here.
My eyes widened. Tara youre so wrong for this.
She sighed and smiled. Yeah I know but this is my only way to finally get you the way Ive been wanting you. Now Im going to bed but before I do, I want a nice long wet goodnight kiss from you.
W-what? Are you serious?
She looked into my eyes. Yes I am. I told you that you would be my sex slave. Now all I am asking for is a kiss. Whats so wrong about that?
Tara come on, please stop!
She looked disappointed. Well then, let me go wake up Dad and -
Ok fine! I interrupted.
She closed her eyes and I cringed. I couldnt believe how low I was stooping. I pressed my lips on my sisters but kept mine pursed. I didnt want to tongue her. That was just so disgusting! I thought I could keep it up but she eventually opened her mouth and her tongue searched for mine. I tried to keep my lips shut but it was as if they naturally parted inviting her tongue in. Our tongues massaged against one anothers so slowly and gently. Her arms were still around my neck and her body was up against mine so close. I didnt know what to do with my hands, so I just put them on her tiny waist. It was indeed a long and deep kiss. It felt so immoral kissing my own sister. I couldnt believe I was kissing this girl, who I had grown up with and seen all the unattractive things she did like the way she burped loudly after dinner, or how she looked with her messy hair and no make up. It was all so strange.
After a long wet kiss, she finally broke the kiss and sighed heavenly. Wow! Bro you sure know how to kiss! Mrs. Davis sure taught you good!
I took my hands off her waist and wiped her saliva from my lips. There, I kissed you, now please I need to be left alone.
She pulled away from me. Yes, thats fine. I told you I just wanted a kiss and I got it. Now tomorrow will be another day.
I was almost worried of what she meant by that. She was walking out of my room and turned one last time to look at me. She blew me a kiss and then disappeared. I felt so humiliated and angry. I shut my door and locked it. I felt like I need a long bath after kissing my own sister. After my bath, I headed on to bed and tried to go to sleep. I wanted to call Doreen up, but I knew Chief Davis was probably home. I tossed and turned and my thoughts kept going from Doreen to Tara. Finally I fell asleep with Taras kiss still lingering on my lips.

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