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By - Mar 23, 2005 - From first-time. First time sex story - Views - 25839 It all started a few weeks ago after school, I was talking to one of my old friends about some punk music, and one of my newest friends, Amanda, whos like 5'2, but sweet of everything about her. She wanted to talk to me alone in private. "Ok" I responded. "Not here, somewhere no one will find us" and she gave me a sexy look that I have not seen her do before. "Alright" I said with a puzzled look. She took my hand and led me to an empty science lab room. Led me to a desk and hoped on to it. "Scott, have you ever, um...had sex before?" Amanda said. I was like ", why?". "Cause I find you very attracting, because I never met a guy like you before, and I want my first sex to be with you." I was in shock, my mouth almost dropped to the floor. "I know what your're thinking that I'm pretty crazy huh?" and shetook off of her school uniform off and pulled down her skirt. She was wearing a white bra that can unhook from the front and a nice see-thru thong. I gasped. My cock went throbbing hard in a sec when I saw those nice tits and nice pussy hair. It wasnt hairy hairy, it was just perfect, a lil hair. See saw my cock and giggled abit. "I know you want me Scott" she said with another sexy voice. She came towards me, unbuckled my pants and pulled it down along with my boxers. My seven inch cock flinged right infront of her. "Mmmm, looks mighty yummy to me" she said and kneeled down. She put her mouth on the head of my cock. WOW did that feel good. The warm mouth on my cock made me wanted to fuck her now. She started deep throating. Going back and forth back and forth. Oh man she sucked my big cock like a sweet lollipop. She took her mouth off and started rubbing the shaft of my cock with her hand. I groaned with pleasure. I made her stop, made her go on all fours, and I started licking her nice warm pussy. I licked it once, then twice. I finally found her cit and started tickling it. She squirted pussy juice all over my face. Slid on finger, and then two and then THREE. She took it in like a real pro. She wanted me badly since I can hear her whispering to herself "put your big cock in me now". I stood then I made her stand cause I wanted to fuck her in the ass and pussy. Put her against the wall, lifted one leg up onto the desk and slid my throbbing hard cock into her and pumped hard. "Ooooo, that feels so good...fuck me harder! HARDER!!!!" she yelps. I stopped. I laid onto the desk and pulled her up. Placed my cock slowly in her tight pussy and she rid me so good, and I started feeling her nice tits. I rolled her on all four, took my cock out of her pussy and placed it in her anal. Giving her Doggystyle to her nice round ass. As I was about to release my big load of cum, and her giving her third orgasm from me. The door opened. We were so busted. It was my gr. 9 science teacher. She saw me and gasped so loud. She calmed down and sat at her desk. She was wearing a tight white shirt, blick mini skirt and wearing long leather boots. Ms. De Fragrance was her name. "Uh, miss, why are you just sitting there and not stopping us to fuck?" I asked her with my cock still in Amandas anal. "Just finish up and I will deal with you Scott later". I did what I was told. I pumped like mad faster and faster while she was masturbating herself on her pussy. She screamed so loud that the teacher looked up, then she looked back down to her magazine. I looked over and she was reading a MALE porno magazine! I still wanted some more Amanda, so I placed my cock in her pussy and pumped. Then, Amanda stopped me. "That's enough Scott, I'm pleased, but can continue some more later on" she said and gave me a double wink. She got off the desk and got dressed and headed for the door. I look down and I saw her thong on the floor, I looked at her and she gave me a look back and winked. I think she wanted something to give me to remember her by. Then she left. The teacher got up, and said "Well well well, My favorite student fucking another student. Somehting that I will never get a chance to see or do". She took her clothes off, and I mean everything, cept for her pantyhoses. I still have alot of load to get rid of, so I let my gr.9 science teacher make the first move. She came towards me and kneeled down and gave me the biggest blowjob ever, felt good...better than Amandas blowjob. She pulled me to the ground and making me lye down on the ground. Placing us in a 69 poistion. I got to see a teacher pussy! felt it and tickled it and starting licking it. I put my tongue in her pussy so far in she moaned while blowjobbing me. She squirted all over my face just like how Amanda did to me, but Ms. de Fragrance got cum all over her face without me warning her. She hopped onto my cock and rode me like mad, which was telling me she was super horny. Somehow, My body got her onto her back, with her legs wide spread and she wrapped her long legs around my waist. Pumping hard and harder, giving her another orgasm while I was massaging her nice perky tits, squirting out and making my cock slide in and out of her even easier. I letted it out, I moaned and she moaned, but I kept on pumping. "I want it in my anal now...I need some more pain!" she told me. I rolled her onto her front, made her legs spread some more. I then placed my cock in her anal slowly, placing it in her by every inch. She screamed loudly that I thought someone would hear, but no one did. Going in all the way with my cock she screamed some more saying "No more" but I kept on going cuz she wanted it in her ass. She lifted up with her arms and started moving by herself, back and forth. I saw her orgasmic face that she wrapped her legs around me some more so I can thrust even harder. I thrusted and thrusted, pumping and pumping till I can stand no longer. Took my cock out, placed her onto her back, moved up to her tits, and started tit fucking. Squeezing her two perky tits together, placing my cock between that. She held the tits while i pumped my cock. A big load of cum came out and landed on her beatiful face. She wanted some more. We both stood up, I placed her against the wall, lifted one leg onto a desk, thrusted my slimy cock into her slimy pussy and pumped. "Harder...Harder..OMG your're GETTING AN A++" she screamed in an orgasmic voice. I letted it all out...load after load, I can feel it coming out of my big throbbing red cock. As I took my cock out of her, I can see her pussy dripping out my loads of cumm. She took her left hand and wiped it off and started licking it like an ice cream. "Ok Scott, that's enough, meet me here tomorrow again with Amanda and we can try a nice, sweet, horny, orgasmic threesome." She said. The day after that, My balls were dangling like it needs to release some pressure. I bring Amanda with me to the same classroom and the teacher was awaiting for a nice threesome.

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