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The Tease

The Tease

By Ann - Feb 12, 2005 - From group-sex-stories. Group sex stories - Views - 5956 I needed a vacation and a tropical island was the best remedy for the mid-winter blues. Any island would do, as long as it had warm, sandy beaches. So I booked a trip to Jamaica and before I knew it, I was on a plane headed south away from the snow and the cold. My boyfriend Mike came with me and we left that day hoping for another great adventure. I arrived pale, tired but excited about a week of nothing at an all-inclusive resort. All I had to do was eat, drink and get a tan. Mornings were spent on the beach working on a tan. Most women there went topless so I followed custom and watched my large, beautiful breasts turn a deep brown. Swimming with hardly anything on was a delight in the warm Caribbean Ocean. After lunch, I usually retired to the pool to read and take in the sights. I peered over my book at all the half-naked bodies swimming or lounging around the pool. Usually by the late afternoon, I would get incredibly horny watching all the flesh parade around. And it didn't matter if it was male or female. I was bi-sexual and was happy with my lifestyle. Mike spent his days scuba diving or playing golf. We'd meet up in the late afternoon and usually had a good round of fucking before heading off to dinner. After a few days I noticed a trio of women in their early 20's make their way to the pool. All three wore bikinis to show off their tanned, young bodies. I watched in interest as the flaunted their looks as they casually lay on their chairs. One girl in particular caught my attention. She was tall, with long slender legs, a nice firm ass and perfectly shaped breasts. Her hair was always in a ponytail. She knew she looked great as she sat there. men stared at her and tried to hide hard-ons in their swim trunks. Her friends addressed her as Heather and I snickered at the trendy name. It didn't take long for me to realize she enjoyed not only flaunting her looks, but teasing others as well. A couple of brave guys made meager attempts to talk to her, but she was always surrounded by her girlfriends so she just laughed coyly at their remarks and led them on. I could tell she wasn't spreading her legs for just anyone. One by one, the guys gave up. I started feeling bad for them. Then I started feeling angry at they way she held court all afternoon. She thought she was something else sitting there, tossing her hair back and laughing emptily at the comments the guys made. Periodically she would look down and examine the way her bikini top covered her breasts and make adjustments. Usually it resulted in making her nipples harden a bit. I started becoming obsessed watching Heather and felt she would make a good slave for Mike and I. I wondered how she would be once someone got her alone. Would she tease then? Or would she willingly submit. I realized the thoughts of it were getting me wet so I dove into the pool to cool off. When I surfaced, I was nearby her little entourage. I floated around nearby to hear more of the empty conversations. Once I caught her looking at me, actually I felt like she was sizing me up. I laughed to myself because she had no idea what I was capable of. As I swam lazily around the pool I started to plot how I could get her alone. Wouldn't it be great to make her submit to me. She wouldn't know what hit her having another woman fuck her silly. Just thinking about it made me so horny, I had to go to my room. Once inside, I stuck my fingers inside my bathing suit and rammed my fingers in my dripping pussy. As I pumped away, I fantasized putting my fingers inside Heather's tight little cunt and finger fucking her until she came all over my hand. In no time I was having a tremendous orgasm and while I felt my pussy spasm around my fingers I decided I was going to act it out. When Mike got back I didn't tell him my plans - it was going to be a surprise. He decided to go out with some golf buddies so it gave me a perfect opportunity. Later that night, I was hanging around the bar watching Heather hold court again. She was dressed in short halter-top style dress. She clearly had no bra on as her pert breasts were bouncing happily about whenever she moved. Her hair was down and swaying in the gentle breeze that night as she sipped a drink and laughed at friends' jokes, but no one else. I began to despise her a little more. I continued to watch, keeping my drinking down so I would be ready for what I had planned. Everything was ready back in my room. I smiled at the thoughts of her tied down as I had my way with her. I was also lucky - her room was a few doors down from mine. I knew by what was happening that she was going back alone. Her friends were less snobby than her and found a couple of guys to slip away with. But Heather was not having any of that - she would go back to her room by herself and shake her head at her friends. Finally I saw her slip away and refuse a couple of offers to be escorted back to her room. I slipped away first and went to my room. I stood outside the door pretending to find my key. I heard her shoes make a soft scuffing sound as she came down the dimly lighted pathway. When I heard her get closer, I slumped against the door and moaned softly like I was sick. She stopped and I could tell that she was appraising the situation. Did she want to help me or ignore me. I decided to move things along. I half-turned to her and said softly, "Could you help me?" "What's wrong?" she asked hesitantly. "I-I get this key to work and I'm...ah...feeling a little sick..." I said weakly. I almost heard her laugh as she replied. My hatred of her grew a bit more and I choked it back. "Sure, I'll help you. Too much to drink?" I nodded and moved aside so she could reach over and take my key. I got a scent of coconuts and something else, which I couldn't put, my finger on. I let her get right against the door and I got behind her. As soon as the door opened, I pushed her inside and shut it quickly hoping no one saw what just happened. She turned around and gave me a glaring How-dare-you-look. In a split second, I had her pinned against the wall thanking all those long nights at the gym. I easily was much stronger than she was. She struggled but continued to glare at me. "Don't look at me that way, you stuck up little bitch." "Fuck you", she spat. I slapped her face. Hard. She went to scream and I clamped her hand over her mouth and forced her down on the bed. I turned her over on her stomach and reached for the silk rope I had there. In no time I was able to bind her hands together tightly. Rolling her over quickly, I found the gag I had bought that day and thanked the bondage gods that I had the foresight to bring my 'toys'. You never know what can happen on vacation. I tied the gag around her mouth and stood back to admire my handiwork. She lay there panting and sweating. I could see fear creeping into her expression - all the anger was gone now. I smiled and turned up the air conditioner to cool off the room at bit. "Ok, Heather, you must do what I say now. You are going to be my slave for the night and by tomorrow morning, you will be begging me for more." She shook her head violently back and forth and I just laughed. I dragged her off the bed and into a chair. I put her arms behind the back of the chair and proceeded to bind her ankles to the legs of the chair. She sat there looking fearful as I admired her taut body. Her breasts were forced to stick out and strain against the material of her dress. Her legs were open enough that I could see the crotch of her panties. This was going to be heavenly, I thought. I slowly poured a drink of ice water and gulped it down. The ice didn't even have a chance to melt before I finished and set the glass down. I reached in and took a cube out of the glass and slowly slid it down along the side of her cheek. It left a trail of water as her skin was burning up from the sun and the struggling she had done previously. I continue to slide the ice down to her collarbone then across the top of her left breast. She shuddered at the sensation. I moved the ice cube down over the thin material that covered her breasts to her nipple. The coldness brought it to attention immediately and I saw it poking against the dress. Heather shuddered again and took a deep breath. I took what was remaining of the ice cube and sucked it slowly in my mouth as I walked around her tied body, admiring the view. "So, Heather, have you always been a tease?" I sneered. She looked away from me and I laughed. "You are, you little cunt. But tonight that is going to change. You're going to become the little slut you know you really are." She shut her eyes. I walked around to the back of the chair and undid the ties that held her top up. I slowly undid them for maximum effect. She was almost whimpering as I walked back around to pull down the top. When her breasts came into view, I instantly felt myself get wet. They were so full and ripe and ready to be enjoyed. Her nipples were both hard being exposed to the cool air of the room. I couldn't wait any longer to begin enjoying her body. I leaned over her and put my whole mouth over one erect nipple and began to lick and suck it. I could feel her whole body tense up in protest. "Relax, you'll enjoy it more." I felt her relax a tiny bit but as soon as I began to lightly pinch the other nipple, she stiffened up again. I shrugged and went back to sucking her dark brown nipples. I spent much time there, licking and pinching. When they were super hard, I bit down on one softly and she cried out behind her gag. I rewarded her by biting the other nipple even harder as I squeezed her firm breast. She cried out again and tears sprang to her eyes. I pulled away, panting from excitement at what I was accomplishing. I grabbed another ice cube and slowly slid it down between her breasts to her smooth, tanned stomach. I repeated this gesture until there was no more ice. Each time I did it, she would shudder and squirm which only added to my excitement. Next, I pushed the skirt of her dress up to expose her white panties. At this point her dress was bunched up around her waist. Taking a small knife out of my bag of tricks I began to cut away her panties at the waist. Her eyes widened in sheer terror of my actions. I assured her I was merely removing her clothing, I was not going to hurt her. I got both sides cut and I pulled away the panties to reveal her beautiful mound. Most of it was shaved except for a patch above her slit. I brushed my hands over it. "Maybe our Heather is a slut after all with her shaved pussy?" She shook her head no again but I wasn't buying it. I slipped one finger inside the folds of her pussy and felt it wet there. I pulled the finger out and held it under her nose. "Then what's this then?" She glared at me and I sucked the juices off my finger. It tasted heavenly. It was time. I knelt next to her chair and parted her moist lips with my fingers and slowly slid one in. I moved it around, lubricating it with her wetness. I began to slowly push it in and out of her hole. My thumb brushed against her clit from time to time and she would tense up a bit. My hand moved faster and faster. I could see the sweat building up on her face as she tried to resist me. I stopped suddenly and she slumped a bit in the chair. I was no where near finished at this point. Still fully clothed, I straddled the chair and sat down lightly on her legs. I was strong enough that I could support myself without putting all of my weight on her. I reached down and slid my fingers in her tight cunt and began to slowly fuck her. At the same time my other hand found her breast and began to roughly grope it, taking time to pinch her nipple. She closed her eyes and I could swear she moaned against her gag. I knew she finally had to be getting into it. I increased the pressure on her hole. Occasionally I would rub her clit with my thumb. It was a hard little nub. Faster and faster I fucked her tight hole with 2 fingers. I tilted my head down and began to suck on her neck. This time the moans were for real. She was enjoying it. That only egged me on. I was determined to make this ice-queen cum. I fucked her hard and twisted her nipples. I was all over her pinching and twisting and pumping. My body was totally dominating her and she was helpless to my movements. The sweat poured off her face and down between her breasts. Her eyes were shut tight and the moaning got louder behind her gag. Finally I felt her tense and her pussy muscles grabbed my fingers. She was cumming. Her girl juices were all over my hand as she turned her head side to side. She continued to thrash around for a bit longer before she slumped her head forward. I slowly eased myself off her, my body creaking a bit with the exertion. I put my fingers in my mouth and tasted her sweet cum. Licking them clean I went and poured another drink and got ready for the next round. My boyfriend Mike returned from his adventures as I was lounging in front of the TV. When he walked in, he immediately knew that I had something going on and he smiled. "You look like you're up to no good", he grinned. "Yup. Take a quick peak in the other room, but don't make a sound." He crossed the room and opened the door a crack. I heard him take a quick breath as he gazed my little slut. Before I left her, I tied her spread-eagle face down on the bed. Her firm, ripe ass was ready for Mike and I knew he wanted it. Mike shut the door and came back to me - his cock was growing in his shorts. "Where did you ever get her?" "I have been watching her by the pool all day. Miss High and Mighty." "Oh, one of those...." "Yes. She won't be after a few days with us, though." I smiled and looked at him knowingly. "Her ass is ready for you, whenever you are." Mike rubbed his hard cock against the material of his shorts. "Oh, I'm ready." I stood up and led him into the bedroom where Heather lay. "Ok, slut, time for something new and different." I giggled and sat down on the bed next to her. "My boyfriend here has a hard dick. He needs to do something about it." She moaned against her gag and tried to turn her head but Mike was behind her and she couldn't see him. "Now, just stay still. It will hurt at first, but you'll like it in time." Mike quickly stripped his clothes off. I licked my lips as his cock came into view. It was stiff and swollen and I gasped a little as I imagined it in my own ass. I handed him a bottle of lube and he quickly spread it across his head and shaft. Next, he kneeled between Heather's legs and brought his cock near the crack of her ass. "Spread her asscheeks, love", he breathed. I pulled Heather's sweet ass apart, showing him the tiny rosebud there. She squirmed at bit until I swatted her hard on the ass. "Be still, you slut, or it will hurt more." Mike became very aroused at this and began to slide his cock into her asshole, grunting as it went slowly in. "Oh Diana...she's soooo tight!" I smiled and straddled Heather's back, facing Mike. I watched as his cock invaded her ass and then pulled out a little. The next thrust was harder and deeper before he pulled out again. Heather screamed against her gag and I could feel her body tense with each thrust. I stroked her ass and told her to relax. It would go easier on her if she did. Mike began to thrust into her ass with long, slow strokes. I watched his face as he concentrating on raping this sweet young ass. He looked into my eyes and smiled a lusty smile at me. "Oh yeah, she's tight...I won't be able to go too long." We both laughed, oblivious to Heather's discomfort. There would be more to come. I pulled my robe open and offered my breasts to Mike as he ass-fucked Heather. He greedily groped and pinched my nipples. I moaned softly as he touched me which only brought him closer to the edge. "Come all over me, " I whispered. "Don't waste it in this slut." That was all he needed. Mike groaned and pulled out of Heather. White, hot cum spurted all over my belly and tits as he jerked off. "Oh, fuck, Diana.....oh fuck...." I gasped as the cum trickled down to drip on Heather's back. I rubbed my hands all over my tits and chest, smearing the cum on me. Mike pulled back and slumped on the chair, spent. "Have you even cum yet?" he asked. I shook my head. "No, but soon." I shed my robe and untied Heather. I rolled her over on her back. She was slightly dazed from the fucking - I could tell by her eyes. "Ok, Heather, I'm taking this gag off, but if you make a sound, I will beat you. Do you understand?" She nodded slowly, flexing her arms after being tied up for so long. I released the gag and she gasped for breath. "Now sit up, slut, and move to the side of the bed." She did as I asked and I lay down on my back. "Good, girl. Now lick this cum off me. All of it." Mike laughed from the other side of the room as Heather whimpered a little. "Do it!" She hesitantly leaned over me and began to lick the cum off my stomach in small licks. "You can do better than that, slut." Heather looked at me with pure disgust in her eyes, but she increased the strokes and started to move up to my breasts. I moaned softly as her soft tongue lapped at my skin, knowing that she was tasting Mike's salty cum. "Mmmmm...that's it...suck my nipples..." Heather moved her mouth up to one of my already hard nipples and she began to suck, pulling it into her mouth and letting her tongue caress the top. "Oh my, what a good little slut we have here, Mike", I gasped. "Oh yeah?" Mike got closer for better view. His cock began to twitch and grow hard again. I smiled. "Ok, slut, we'll have more time for tit sucking later. Let's see how you are with pussy." Heather raised her head from my breast and looked at me. "Nooooo" "Oh yes, " I said. I looked over at Mike. "Darling?" Mike responded by slapping Heather across the face. "Do it, you little bitch." Heather whimpered and slid down between my legs. I opened them wide as Mike forced her head down. She pushed apart my pussy lips and began to tentatively lick my oozing slit. "Harder, you cunt, " I gasped. "Suck my pussy and taste it." She responded by sticking her tongue into my pussy and licking me from my hole to my clit. I moaned as her little tongue touched my overly-sensitive clit. Hearing my moans must have gave her more encouragement. She began to suck my clit into my mouth and she slid two fingers into my pussy. My hips began to buck up against her face as I rubbed myself shamelessly against her mouth. Mike stood nearby and stroked his cock, watching us. I smiled at him and urged our little slut to go faster, harder. I was going to cum soon and it was going to be big. Heather slurped my pussy in earnest now. Her violated ass bobbing up and down as she began to get into it. I felt my body begin to tense from my nipples all the way down to my toes. "Oh yessss...suck me...", I cried. "Make me cum..." I thrashed around on the bed and held Heather's head tightly between my thighs as my orgasm suddenly hit. "Oh fuck!" I screamed as it took me over the edge. I kept Heather's face tightly against my pussy as we rode out my orgasm together. Everything went fuzzy and gray for a bit as I came so incredibly hard. It may have only been a matter of minutes, but I fell asleep for bit having been exhausted from the drinking and the efforts of the evening. When I came out of it, I heard Mike moaning. I opened my eyes to see Heather's mouth wrapped around his cock and his hands grasping her head and pulling her hair. This wasn't a blowjob. He was fucking her face hard. She was trying to push away with her hands so I got up and pulled them behind her back and held them there. Mike saw the opportunity and proceeded to bang her mouth harder. I could hear Heather choking and gasping as his cock brutally assaulted her mouth. I was almost going to tell him to ease up when he cried out and shot a huge load into her mouth. Heather gagged and the cum leaked out of her mouth down her chin. Mike finally pulled out and shot the rest of it into her face and hair. I couldn't believe how much cum he had tonight. Both of us were so turned on from playing with our new 'toy'. I released Heather and told her to go into the bathroom and clean up and do whatever she needed to do. I closed the door behind her and went over to Mike who was slumped in the chair with a satisfied look on his face. "We have another day with her before we have to let her go. I have some things in mind..." I told him my plans and he smiled hugely. It would be a good day tomorrow. We let our little slut sleep in the bed as she had a big day in store for her. Mike and I slept on the fold-out couch in the next room. Although I didn't think she'd get far, I handcuffed her to the bedpost just in case. Mike and I woke up refreshed and rested from the previous evening's activities. He went and got breakfast for the three of us and brought it back to the room. I wasn't going to let Heather eat hers until we finished and she performed a few 'duties'. I was anxious to see how submissive she was going to be this morning. I entered her room and found her semi-awake. "How is our little slut today?" I asked. She regarded me with droopy eyelids and said nothing. "Fine. Well, I would imagine you are hungry, but before you eat, I want you to do a few things for me." I unlocked the handcuffs and motioned her to go into the bathroom and relieve herself and shower. "And leave the door open, " I called after her. She didn't protest which I thought was good. I sat on the bed and watched tv and drank my coffee as she showered. My pussy tingled in anticipation of using her body again. Mike went off to the gym to work out leaving me alone with her. He would get to use her later... Heather came out of the bathroom looking refreshed. I swear she even looked a bit horny. I smiled at her and stood up, setting my coffee down. "Today is a big day for you, Heather", I said gently. "After that you will never be a tease again. You will eagerly accept all advances and be the true slut you really are." She looked at me with a blank face, but I knew it was already beginning. "Ok, get on your hands and knees, slut." Heather obeyed without a word and got down on the floor. I kneeled behind her and began to massage her sweet ass, moving my hands around to cup the firm flesh before reaching down between her legs. My fingers slipped in her moist pussy and began to tease the folds of flesh apart. She was beginning to moan softly and I smiled and rubbed my finger against her clit. I continued that for a while until I felt my fingers get slick with her juices. When I pulled them away, she groaned a bit. I licked my finger clean and stood up. "Don't worry, my little slut, you're going to enjoy the next part of this even more." I moved to my toy collection and selected my strap-on. I slowly removed my robe and tied the toy around my waist making sure it fit snugly against my clit and kneeled in front of Heather. I pushed the dildo up against her lips. "Suck this for a while...I want to see you well you suck dick." She complied and began to suck on the fake dick like it was real. I watched as her tongue licked the head and shaft, bathing it with saliva before taking it into her mouth. We went slowly as the timing was crucial to today's fun. After I was satisfied she mastered the art of cock-sucking well enough, I pulled it away and motioned for her to stand up and put her hands behind her head. I licked my lips as her breasts jutted out. The last item I packed were the nipple clamps. I took them out of my bag and kept them concealed in my hand. I stood in front of her and grabbed one tit, pulling the nipple and twisting it roughly. Instantly it got hard but she was wincing with each twist. I performed the same magic to the other one and quickly applied the clamps. Heather cried out in pain but she didn't move her hands - I was impressed. "I want you to remember who has the upper hand, slut. Now on your knees again - I am going to fuck you." She slowly got down on her knees and I knelt behind her. I nudged the dildo against her exposed pussy lips and rubbed it against the slickness there. She moaned once and I slowly guided it into her. I pushed it all the way in so my belly was touching her ass. I held it there for a bit and wiggled it around eliciting more moans from my little slut. "You like that?" She nodded and I smiled and began to ever so slowly withdraw the dildo before pushing it back in. I did this very slowly for a while, occasionally slapping her ass. She began to moan like the slut she was and I could tell she was extremely turned on. Soon it would be time for the big finale. I nudged her closer to the wall and told her to put her hands against it and raise herself up a bit. With some effort she was able to do it. I told her not to move and now I had com complete access to her firm breasts. I reached around and grasped one in each hand and began to knead the flesh. I kept the dildo still for a bit while I did this. I began to pull on the nipple clamps which made her only moan more. I heard the front door close softly as Mike came back with some 'guests'. It was time. "You like this, slut?" I asked. "Oh yessss, " she moaned. "Louder." "YESSSS!" she cried as I began to thrust into her hard. "Yes, Mistress, " I said. "You're my slave now." "Yes, Mistress, " she repeated. "Good girl." I rewarded her with several hard thrusts as the door opened and in stepped Mike and his two golf buddies, Steve and Alan. I heard the words "Holy shit" as they stood there watching us. By now Heather was so close to cumming, she wasn't even aware what was going on. I turned my head to smile at the guys and continued to pound away at Heather's sweet little cunt. Heather moaned louder and begged me to keep fucking her. I pulled and pinched the nipple clamps hard, twisting them cruelly. "Ohhhhhhh.....Mistress...I'm cummmminggg!!!!" Her whole body shook and shuddered as she came. I held on to her and kept the dildo buried deep inside her pussy as the orgasm wracked her beautiful body. I heard the men gasp at the force of her cumming. I held her for a while until it subsided then slowly withdrew the dildo and took it off. She slumped against the wall for minute. I turned to look at Mike and his friends. All three of them looked dumb-founded. I smiled and stood up. "Great timing, " I grinned. Mike laughed at me and hugged me, pulling my naked body close to his. I could feel his hard cock against my leg. I pointed to Heather laying on the floor looking at us with wide eyes. "Well, guys, she's ready for you now!" Steve and Alan grinned broadly and unzipped their pants, freeing two very large and very hard cocks. I pulled my robe on and went over to Heather. "Ok, slut, now you have to work. Go over to these men and suck their cocks to start." Heather gave me a slightly frightened look but went over to Alan first and began to suck his cock. Using the techniques I showed her, she quickly brought moans from him. Mike and Steve looked on lustfully as she took all 8 inches of Alan into her mouth. Alan stood there and threw his head back and began to fuck her sweet mouth. I took a seat on the bed and watched as my slut pleasured Mike's friend. I noticed Steve stroking his cock and my eyes widened at the size of it. It had to be 10 inches. I licked my lips as I envisioned it buried in Heather's cunt and ass. My thoughts were interrupted as Alan began to moan loudly. I watched as he pulled her face tight to his cock. "Oh yeah, I'm cumming, " he moaned. He shot his load into Heather's mouth and she swallowed every drop like a good girl. He released her head and sat back on a chair smiling. "Thank you, Diana." I laughed and told him the day wasn't over yet. Mike was next. Heather obediently took his cock into her mouth and sucked hard. I saw Mike grab her hand and place it on his balls and had her squeeze them as she sucked. Watching him get serviced by her made me horny and I realized I hadn't cum yet today. I rubbed my pussy a bit while I watched. By the time Mike spurted cum inside her mouth, I knew I was pretty wet. Steve was now ready for Heather, but I wanted to see that huge cock of his buried in her pussy instead of her mouth. "Would you like to fuck our slut, Steve" I asked coyly. Steve nodded vigorously. "Just tell her how you want it then, " I said. Steve told her to get down on all fours as he was going to take her from behind, just like I did. She complied and got on her hands and knees, legs spread and ready for him. I held my breath as he entered her and she began to cry out at the size and pull away slightly. I went over to her and slapped her face. "You're going to take it, slut, or it'll hurt even more, " I snarled. There were tears on her face, but she nodded. My slapping her made Steve more excited and he thrusted into her hard. She cried out again, but didn't move. Alan was hard again and decided he wanted to use her as well. He got in front of her and told her to start sucking his cock. She took him into his mouth and I sighed as I watched her get used from both ends. Mike knew I was incredibly horny at this time and came over to me on the bed. I opened my legs for him and he placed his cock there, teasing my lips. I begged for it inside me as I watched Steve grip Heather's ass and slam his huge dick into her. With each thrust, her mouth took more of Alan into her. Soon we were all moaning as the sweet sounds of fucking filled the air. I started to cum first as it became too much for me. My pussy gripped Mike's cock hard as I cried out in ecstasy. He groaned and soon I felt his hot seed spurt into me. He fell on top of me and I held him as I watched our slut bring both men to orgasm. Steve was first as he finally shot his load deep in our slut's young pussy. Alan soon followed shooting his all over her face and hair. And then finally Heather screamed out her second orgasm of the day, slumping on the floor. We all took a break for a bit. I let Heather clean herself up. She was clearly trained now and would willingly do whatever Mike and I asked her. The guys spent the next few hours using her to their liking. She was fucked in every hole more than once and she came several times herself. I got my wish and let Steve fuck me with that huge cock of his while Alan, Mike and Heather sucked and fondled my tits. By late afternoon we were all spent and the guys had to leave and get back to their wives or girlfriends. I weakly waved good-bye and collapsed on the bed. Heather and Mike snuggled up next to me and we took a brief nap. It was dark when I woke up to a hand on my breast. I opened my eyes to find Heather fondling it. I smiled and stroked her hair. "You're a good little slut now, Heather." She smiled. "Thank you Mistress." "Tomorrow we have to leave, so let's enjoy our last night together." She looked slightly sad, but we all knew it had to come to an end. I suggested we eat dinner and have some fun after. We woke up Mike and got ready for dinner and went out to the restaurant at the resort. Mike and I sat next her in a corner booth that was semi-private. I instructed her not to wear a bra or panties under her dress. Anyone could clearly see her nipples through the thin material and I noticed they were usually hard. During dinner, Mike or I would reach under the table and stroke her thighs. Occasionally we would move our hand up under her dress to touch her pussy. That would bring a little gasp from her and we would stop. I could tell she was getting increasingly horny. After the main course, I slowly slid my hand back up to her pussy but kept it there. I began to rub it and tease the lips apart. She was incredibly wet. She tilted her head back and closed her eyes. A soft moan escaped her lips as I found her sensitive little nub and rubbed it. Mike reached over and put his hand under her dress to cup her tits. She responded by opening her legs wider to me. Although several people could see us, she didn't care. "What a slut you are, Heather, " I whispered to her. "Yes, Mistress, " she sighed dreamily as Mike and I caressed her. I watched Mike tweak and tease her nipples bringing louder moans from her. I suddenly withdrew my hand from her pussy and Mike pulled away also. Heather gasped and blinked at us. "I think Mike needs his cock to be sucked, " I observed. Sure enough, his cock was very hard. He unzipped his shorts and freed it. No one could really see it except us. Heather looked at me wide-eyed. "Here?" "Yes, here, slut. Get on the other side of him and suck his cock!" I slid out of the booth to let her get out. She moved slowly with a look of embarrassment on her face. I didn't care. She knelt next to Mike on the bench of the booth and leaned over him to take his cock in her pretty little mouth. As soon as she did that, I hiked her dress up so her bare ass was on display to everyone. She stopped sucking and lifted her head to protest, but Mike pushed her head back down and kept it there. I sat back down and watched the show. As Heather went to work on Mike, several of her girlfriends walked by the table with a couple of boys. The stopped and gaped at her. I smiled at them. One of the girls looked at me. "Is that Heather?" "Oh yes." "She's" Both the girls giggled and I noticed the boys were watching in fascination. Mike had his eyes shut was moaning softly now. "Yes, she is a true slut now. Would any of you like to use her?" Both the girls backed away a step and shook their heads, but their boyfriends were grinning. I could see that both of them had hard-ons growing inside their shorts. I motioned the taller of the two - who had long, blond hair and a beautifully tanned body - to use my slut. He said his name was Andy as he stepped over to stroke Heather's firm, smooth ass. My slut responded by a muffled gasp, but Mike continued to keep her head down --he was getting close. Andy took his cock out and rubbed the head along the crack of her ass. He was extremely stiff now and I watched with growing interest as he moved it down to her wet and waiting pussy lips. He didn't waste any time as he pushed it into her gaping hole. Heather cried out once, but still took him inside of her. Soon he was pumping away. I knew it wouldn't be very long until he came. He was in such an excited state. Mike looked up at me and smiled and within seconds he groaned as he came hard into Heather's mouth. She used that opportunity to lift her head up and moan loudly as Andy pounded away from behind. cum was dripping down her chin from Mike, but she was so lost, she didn't care. Mike reached under her dress and tweaked her nipples again which succeeded in bringing her very close to cumming, but Andy beat her to it. At the last second, he pulled out of her and shot his load all over her ass. I couldn't believe how much cum he had in him. It coated her ass and ran down her thighs. She whimpered slightly with the sudden withdrawal and I knew she was desperate to cum. Andy zipped up and grinned at his friend Ian. Ian had a large mop of curly brown hair and a lean muscular body. It was apparent he also wanted a go at Heather. I smiled and nodded to him and we went to stand behind her. "Give it to her in her ass, " I said, encouraging him. "My little slut loves that." He gave me a dazzling smile and brought his hard cock up to the entrance to Heather's asshole. She whined a bit as he eased it in and I suggested he put it in her pussy to get it a little lubricated. He slid it into her sopping pussy and did a few strokes before placing it in her asshole again. This time it eased into her. We all watched as his cock disappeared into her ass. Heather gasped as she took him. Ian hunched over Heather and began to assault her ass very hard. I could tell it wasn't com completely pleasant for her, but then he reached under her and began to rub her clit. This brought shameless moans from our little slut as she begged him to rub harder. Ian only laughed. "What a slut you are, " he hissed into her ear. "You like it up the ass, don't you?" Heather nodded her head but couldn't say anything more. She was getting pounded so hard, she could only gasp with each thrust. Ian went at it for a few more minutes and suddenly he tensed up and released his load in one long gasp right into my slut's ass. At the same time, Heather cried out that she was cumming. Everyone within earshot looked over at her and cheered. It was great. We figured it was time to go and Heather wanted to clean up first, but I wouldn't let her. She had cum all over her ass, face and legs by this time. She pulled her dress back down over her ass and sulked out of there with us. Several people nodded and smiled at us. I smiled back, proud of what she did tonight, but we weren't through with her just yet. I knew tomorrow we had to fly home and I felt a little sad at the thought of leaving. It had been a while since we got to train a slut as Heather and I would miss her. When we got back to the hotel room, I let her shower and clean up. I wanted my sluts to be clean when I played with them. When she was done, I had her lay on the bed and took out the ropes I used the previous night. I was going to use her well one more time. Mike and I tied her arms to the bedpost and then we bent her legs back so we could tie them to her arms. I asked her if she was com comfortable, and she said it was ok for now. This position exposed both her holes and left her in a very vulnerable position. I knew we had to work fast because it would become very uncom comfortable for her. Next, I found a silk scarf and used it to blindfold her. I assured her that it would be ok when she began to look frightened. I got my small vibe out and shoved it in her mouth so she could get it wet. I turned it on and inserted into her ass and left it there. She winced slightly as it went in probably because of the good ass-fucking she got from Ian. Lastly, I applied the nipple clamps to her already hard nipples. Mike and I stood there for a bit and admired our little slut all trussed up and ready to go. Mike let me go first. I got down on the bed and lowered my head over her pussy. I wanted to taste her so badly. My tongue snaked out and began to tease open her slit. Her lips were still puffy and already wet. I tasted her sweet nectar and moved my tongue around her slit and into her hole. She stiffened slightly and moaned. "Oh, Mistress, that feels soooo good." I said nothing and searched out her clit with my tongue and sucked it into my mouth. Her whole body shook. "Ohhhhhhhhh, " she cried as her ass lifted up ever so slightly to push her cunt into my face. I inserted my finger into her hole and nibbled on her clit. Her juices were flowing now and I lapped them up as my tongue went to work on her. Her back arched up, her full breasts looking so tempting with the clamps on them. She was really enjoying herself now. I brought her very close to cumming then suddenly stopped. She gasped and lay still again. Sweat was forming on her brow from exertion. "You want to cum very badly, don't you, slut?" "Yessssss, " she whined. I slapped her hard across the face. "What was that?" "Yes, Mistress." "That's better. Now what do you want us to do with you?" "I want to cum, please, Mistress. I want Mike to fuck me." I looked at Mike who already had his cock out and was stroking it to hardness. "She's all yours, sweetie." He smiled and knelt on the bed and teased her lips with his cock. I untied her legs and Mike held them by the ankles and placed them on his shoulder. I went over and straddled her face, facing Mike. My pussy was throbbing with excitement, not having cum that evening. I commanded her to start licking. Mike eased his cock in and out of her in long, slow strokes as her tongue began to lap and suck my pussy. It felt heavenly. I reached down and pulled lightly on her clamps. Each tug sent a shockwave through her body. She moaned against my pussy. "MMMM, yeah, that's it slut. Eat me." Mike laughed and we locked eyes as we totally used our slut to the fullest. I was getting close. "Ohhhhh, yes, slut. Make me cum so I can flood your face with it, " I moaned. She responded by sucking my whole clit into her mouth. I began to tremble and pull harder on her nipple clamps. The two of us began to shake harder and finally I screamed out as I came hard, my cum flowing out of my pussy and into her mouth. Heather came at the same time, her whole body tensing beneath me, her cries somewhat muffled under me. "Oh fuck, you two, " Mike gasped as watched us. "I'm gonna cum now too....." He slammed into Heather and held it. I leaned over and shoved my tongue into his mouth as he spent his load deep into her pussy. We were all trembling and shaking at this point. The last day had finally caught up to us. Once I had recovered, I untied Heather and kissed her deeply. She got dressed and we let her go back to her room. She thanked us many times for allowing her to be used by us. I hoped that someday we could meet again as she was finally the slut she knew she always was.

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