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The Altnerative Greeting Card Business 2010 What Worked What Didn't Part 2

The Altnerative Greeting Card Business 2010 What Worked What Didn't Part 2

I know, I know, it's a couple days late..but whatever..I've heard that before on more that one or two too-young-to-ruin-my-life-with-a-baby serious occassions...shit, I think I just made a new Greeting Card...Ahh, the beauties of writing off the top of your head! But seriously, here is the second part of the oh-so-glorious two part series.... WHAT DIDN'T WORK Point 1 Self-Defeating Thoughts EG) Believing that you aren't an artist, writer, photographer, or buisiness man will get you nowhere fast. Believe it or not, I've attended zero art classes. I can't draw, paint, or even draw penis's on my ass, YET, I have a greeting card label. The foundation of writing backed up with my confidence in my brand of aesthetic was what got me where I am today. Lesson Learned 1) IF YOU CAN'T DRAW...but can can own a Greeting Card Label and sell them with hard work. 2) IF YOU CAN DRAW..but..CAN'T can own a Greeting Card Label and sell them (blank cards are sold all the time at the major distributors). 3) If you can take a fucking PICTURE with your digi camera at home and express your own art in a way that others can appreciate can do it. And if you can't do any of the above, you have no business being in the greeting card industry and should turn yourself into the psychiatric ward! Moral of the story Hard thoughts turn into hard work and hard work turns into matter, also Known as E=MC2qred! What is important is that you go through the creative process as many times as possible...Everything will glue together... GET RID OF ALL SELF-DEFEATING THOUGHTS and THINGS WILL HAPPEN! CREATE CREATE CREATE CREATE IS YOUR MANTRA! Same goes with your everyday life! CREATE CREATE CREATE! Point 2 Under estimating the world wide web. eg) When I first started I didn't think I needed to buy a website, the software, programs to set up the website etc. before getting into the local scene or even testing it on random people. (you should see my early work...BULLSHIT) WRONG! Yes you do! If you don't have the money.. start your own blog and post them up for free! HOWEVER, The best thing about having a joining affiliate programs. If you don't know what an affiliate program are in luck today my friend.. First of all, Affiliate programs are free.. It gives you the opportunity to make money just for having a website. HOW? You get commission off somebody's merchandise. How do you commission? You roam the web for affiliate programs related to your general product. Sign up, follow the directions, and post their add somewhere on your page. If a visiter of your website clicks on the advertisment and buys from get a cheque in the mail (they usually wait til it exceeds 30 or 50 dollars. People have made HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS even millions doing this. ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS SIGN UP...and it's 99.99% Free..THAT'S WHY YOU NEED A WEBSITE! Moral of the story: I suggest you save money for a website before your products in stores..look into it..I got mine at godaddy. Point 3 Relaxing on Deadlines Eg) So I was 23 When I bought the 100% recycled paper cardstock. I didn't print on one sheet til I was 25. That explains a lot of slacking and relaxing. Of course, I was in University and dind't graduate til last year. And I just started to put 100% commitment into the business. FYI 8 hours a day isn't enough! There is always work to be done weather it's on your website, a new design, a new way of internet marketing, a new way of everything. Being the founder of a Greeting Card Label is hard work and you are DAD MOM BROTHER SISTER AND BABY ALL IN ONE BODY, which means YOU HAVE TO HUSTLE!!!!!!!!!!! So there you have it out of the horses moufffff..what works and what doesn't!....stay tuned for the lineisadot green greeting card blog..Believe me, it's going to be a guddddder!
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